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Beauty Locations in Indonesia That You Need to Visit

Hello Friends EvilicaCell meets me again, admin from this simple site, in this opportunity I will share my experience when traveling to the prettiest location in Indonesia and especially Bali. Bali is a beautiful small island of thousands of other beautiful pulai in Indonesia. Traveling is the most fun activity while adding insight into cool and beautiful locations
Beauty Locations in Indonesia
Beauty of Indonesia (for those who want to traveling please read this) Hello my Admin of EvilicaCell. I will share unique stories, tourist sites, and the beauty of Indonesia, okay with it.

1. Sawarna Beach
Sawarna unique beach is white sand and green plants. There are palm trees, pineapple trees, cassava etc.. in addition to a unique beach, the location of the inn is also unique in that villa located in the village population. Local residents also very friendly
Beauty Locations in Indonesia
Overlooking the vast open Indian Ocean, featuring crystal clear blue water and stretches of white sandy beach, shaded by beautiful rows of sheltering trees, the Sawarna Beach is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Banten. The beauty of Sawarna beach is truly captivating. The beach location Sawarna Banten

2. Beach Kute Bali
This time Kute beach in Bali, This beach was the most touristy and most famous. Besides the beautiful beach is also luxurious and expensive hehehe..
Beauty Locations in Indonesia
This beach is well suited for you that hobby of surfing, because the waves are quite large.the inn is a bit far away from the beach. Unique from Kute Bali is, the locals are very religious. How come? almost every alley there offerings.

Oh yes, I have some tips for those who want to walk to Bali, do you damage, take anything that exists in nature. Because my friends have experienced events that do not want after bringing home reef beaches of Bali. The beach location Kute Bali:

Okay so much from me. Maybe tomorrow I continue updating the beautiful places in Indonesia. Okay maybe a few Articles from me, hopefully can help you for the preparation of Traveling to Indonesia and hope Your journey is fun, and sorry if there is any wrong in word writing.

Maybe some cool list places for traveling to Indonesia from EvilicaCell, if there are still those who are confused or have suggestions elsewhere you can comment below and don't forget to support us by subscribing to the EvilicaCell YouTube channel for free and see you again later

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