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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia Update

Hello EvilicaCell friends, meet me again, admin of the coolest Traveling site in the world, on this occasion I will share tourist locations in Indonesia that you must visit during the holiday season with your family, friends or partner.

This tourist location in Indonesia is perfect for those of you who want to take a vacation to the beloved country of Indonesia, and enjoy the impressive beautiful scenery. One example, natural attractions and cities are very amazing.

Okay just go ahead, then which tourist place is the most suitable for a vacation to the country of Indonesia? read this article to the end and please don't be lazy to read it h3h3.. Here is a row of tourist attractions in Indonesia with natural and urban themes.

1. Monas (Monument Nasional) in Jakarta
The first is the National Monument or commonly known as Monas, this Monas Tour is suitable for those of you who want to vacation in the middle of the capital city of Jakarta. Here is the location of the National Monument on Google Maps, and you can vacation at Monas anytime!
The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia
In the morning until the afternoon you can climb to the highest peak at the National Monument, while at night, you can enjoy culinary delights and the sparkling colorful lights that adorn the beautiful location of the National Monument. For more information on other tourist attractions in Jakarta, you can read the following article "Tourist attractions in Jakarta"

Little information, Monas was established to commemorate the struggle and struggle of the Indonesian people in seizing independence from the colonial Dutch East Indies. Construction began on August 17, 1961 under the orders of president Soekarno.

2. Tangsi Beach (Pink Beach) - Lombok

Next we move on to a natural tourist spot, namely Tangsi Beach which is commonly called Pink Beach which is located on the island of Bali in Indonesia.
The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia
As the name implies, this beach has a special feature on the reddish sand. Believe it or not, there are only seven beaches with colored sand in the world, and it is clear that the most beautiful and most beautiful belongs to Indonesia.

Visitors delight not only with the pink sand, but also the turquoise sea view, The view of the clear water is coupled with the charming natural beauty of the underwater world. As well as the expansion of hills with vast meadows around it. Add beauty.

For access itself, for those of you who are outside the island of Lombok, you can order a plane ticket to the city of Mataram, then to Tangsi Beach. You can use Tanjung Ringgit Beach as a benchmark, because the entrance to Tangsi Beach is only about 1 Km before Tanjung Ringgit.

3. Curacao Waterfall, Southwest Aceh
The beauty of Ceuraceu Waterfall has 7 main waterfall levels, Ceuraceu Waterfall in Southwest Aceh where along the way we will find one by one the lowest waterfall level to the highest, uniquely each waterfall flow forms like a pond below it, so it's perfect for travelers who want to swim there.
The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia
The journey from the residential center to the location of the Ceuraceu waterfall is a bit extreme, visitors must be careful with nettle plants, plants that cause itching when passing through the jungle, although visitors will be satisfied when they see the stunning green scenery. For more information on other tourist attractions in Aceh, you can read the following article "Tourist attractions in Aceh"

The charm of the waterfall from below is like a giant rug, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Ceuraceu waterfall from below. The action down the hill must be done about 5 meters with steep rocks and slippery terrain to be passed, until finally you can enjoy the cool scenery there. Here is the location of the Ceuraceu waterfall on Google Maps: 

4. Travel to Mount Bromo, East Java
A trip to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is an attractive option for those who like traveling to the mountains. This area is located in East Java with the administrative areas of Pasuruan, Malang, Lumajang and Probolinggo districts. This park has been established since 1982 with an area of ​​about 50,276.3 ha. For more information on other tourist attractions in East Java, you can read the following article "Tourist attractions in East Java"
The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia
Routes and routes to Mount Bromo from Malang or Surabaya are within the administrative area of ​​4 districts in East Java, and each region has a different entrance to Mount Bromo. Towards the Mount Bromo area, there are only 2 popular departure points chosen by most of the visitors, from the city of Malang or Surabaya. You can use private vehicles, either two-wheeled or four-wheeled or you can use public transportation.

Di lokasi wisata Gunung Bromo kalian bisa mendirikan tenda atau camping diatas gunung dengan pemandu wisata yang sudah tersedia disana. Lokasi dan pemandangan dari atas Gunung Bromo bisa memanjakan mata para pendaki, dan pastinya sangat cocok untuk kalian yang ingin berfoto-foto. Berikut adalah lokasi Gunung Bromo Jawa Timur pada Google Maps:

5. The Lake of Revenge is Not Already in Bengkulu
Lake Dendam Tak Already is a famous lake in Bengkulu Province, this lake is located in Dusun Besar Village, Singaran Pati District, Bengkulu City. Dendam Tak Already Lake has an area of ​​559 and a surface area of ​​68 hectares. For more information on other tourist attractions in Bengkulu, you can read the following article "Tourist attractions in Bengkulu"
The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia
An alluring panorama due to the status of a tourist attraction nature reserve, will spoil the eyes of travelers, Dentam Tak Already Lake has the right atmosphere to relax while tasting Bengkulu specialties such as punai belly cake and durian lempuk or drinking coffee and fresh drinks at a dining hut located on the shores of Lake Revenge Never Already.

The original habitats of flora and fauna complement the beautiful scenery on the shores of Dendam Tak Already Lake, one of which is the Pencil Orchid which is currently endangered. Here is the location of Lake Revenge Tak Already:

Okay, maybe that's the article about the 5 most beautiful places that you must visit in Indonesia from me, EvilicaCell, if you have other questions about tourist attractions in Indonesia, you can comment below.

If you want to get updates about traveling again, you can subscribe to the EvilicaCell YouTube channel for free to get the latest updates on other travels, and see you next time :)

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